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We are thrilled to announce that we are managing UK TOUR of this amazing Japanese band KINOCO HOTEL this May!!!! この度Bang The Noiseは日本のロックグループ、キノコホテルのUKツアーを2015年5月に敢行致します!! アー写 KINOCO HOTEL is a hotel-themed rock group founded by its hostess Marianne Shinonome who’s also organist, song-writer and singer of the band. Their military style costumes and mushroom hair cut (in Japanese Kinoco hair cut) are very eye-catching, but what you must see is their live performance which is well known for being shocking and electrifying. Initially inspired by 60s Japanese garage rock “Group Sounds”, now they bring varied and explosive sound mixed with punk, new wave, breakbeat and rock’n’roll, No need to say more, check their live footage and come to our shows!! The tour schedule listed below. キノコホテルは鬼才マリアンヌ東雲によって創設されたロックグループ。人目を引くミリタリールックの衣装にキノコカットヘアもさることながら、注目して欲しいのはその音楽性とライブパフォーマンスの破壊力。60年代日本で生まれたグループサウンズをベースに、パンク、ニューウェイブ、フリークビートにロックンロールと変化に富み、またきわどい発言と圧倒的な演奏力で、キノコホテルの中毒者は後を絶たない。そんな彼女たちのライブ映像とツアースケジュールを以下でチェック!

Bang The Noise Presents KINOCO HOTEL UK TOUR 2015


15/05 (Fri.) Surrey HIPSVILLE Horror-A-Go-Go 60’s Weekender
Bisley Pavilion, Brookwood, Surrey, UK
RSVP on Hipsville Facebook page


19/05 (Tue.)  Birmingham Killer Wave
The Sunflower Lounge, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, UK


20/05 (Wed.) Bristol The Frat House 
The Stag and Hounds,74 Old Market Street, Bristol, UK

RSVP on The Frat House Facebook page 


 22/05 (Fri.) Brighton Stay Sick
The Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, UK

RSVP on Stay Sick Facebook page 


 23/05 (Sat.) London Dirty Water Club
The Rhythm Factory,16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, UK

RSVP on Dirty Water Club Facebook page  


Kinoco Hotel Japan Tour 2015 teaser, full version of this short film is on their exclusive album (CD + DVD) “La Réminiscence De Marianne” which is only available at their shows. So DO NOT MISS IT!!!!



イギリスツアーに関しての質問等はBang The Noiseまでお気軽にお問い合わせください。

KINOCO HOTEL UK TOUR !!!!!!!」への4件のフィードバック

  1. can’t wait for kinoco hotel to get here – I already have my tickets for London and I’m waiting for them to go on sale for the Bristol show.

  2. even better than I expected, better even than I’d hoped – awesome in Bristol, with Brighton and London to go. Don’t let them go! (Or get them to agree to come back).

  3. ピンバック: KINOCO HOTEL Taiwan/Macau Tour in 2017 | Bang The Noise

  4. ピンバック: KINOCO HOTEL Taiwan/Macau Tour in 2017 | Bang The Noise


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