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Kinoco Hotel UK Tour Done!!

Hi there.

It’s a bit of a belated post but Kinoco Hotel UK tour has been done and dusted, thank you so much for coming to the shows!!!


Photo by Yukimi Nishi

It was their first ever tour outside of Japan.  Their name and music were not well-known before but the word spread and it built up their presence widely during the tour. Thank you so much for your support, and we are 200 % sure that their live performance blew you away!! We were more than happy to see those badass gorgeous ladies kicking people’s ass and teaching them how to rock!!

We had people coming from France, Hungary, Spain to the UK just to see Kinoco Hotel and that clearly showed us their potential is worldwide, so, they shall rerun to the Europe soon!!! Keep an eye on Bang The Noise and Kinoco Hotel, we will keep you posted when our next plan ‘s ready!!!

For their updates check Kinoco Hotel WebsiteTwitter and Facebook, also don’t forget to check Bang The Noise Facebook page and twitter and Instagram!! xx


Photo by Yukimi Nishi

遅ればせながら、キノコホテル英国ツアー無事に終了!!おかげさまで大盛況でした。お越しの皆様、ツアー宣伝、活動にご協力いただいた皆様ありがとうございました。英国でも圧巻の演奏力でオーディエンスを虜にしたキノコホテル。5公演すべてにやってきてくれたファンもいれば、キノコホテルをみるためにフランス、ハンガリー、スペインからきてくれたファンもいたりと、ヨーロッパでの活動拡大の可能性が大いに見えてきました。といことでBang The Noiseとキノコホテルの今後の予定に乞うご期待!!また一緒に悪巧みをしようと思います!

キノコホテルの情報に関してはキノコホテルwebsiteTwitterFacebookをチェック!そしてBang The NoiseのFacebookTwitterInstagramも忘れずに!!

Kinoco Hotel UK Tour Done!!」への1件のフィードバック

  1. best gigs of the year so far – in my not so humble opinion – (and to think some muppets preferred to see foo fighters instead)


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