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King Brothers UK Tour in November!!

We are really really excited to announce that we are bringing this amazing high-energy blues band King Brothers from Japan to the UK this November!!!! 重大発表!!!Bang The Noiseは2015年11月6日より、日本の誇れるハイエナジージェットブルースバンド、キングブラザーズのイギリスツアーを敢行いたします!!


King Brothers are “Super High Energy Jet Blues Band” from Nishinomiya city in Japan. Members are Keizo (Vo./Gt.), a president of Nishinomiya city, Marya (Gt./ Scream) and Zony (Dr.) who rolls on a 26inch kick drum. The band was formed in 1998, all the original members are from their hometown Nishinomiya city and they still live and make music there.

Since their all time favourite band Guitar Wolf discovered them, their music career in the rock’n’roll scene has begun. In 1999, they released their debut album from American independent label Bulb Records and they have toured in America at the age of 20. They’ve been gigging a lot in Japan and they have played with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, White Stripes, Wilko Jonson, Andre Williams, Oblivians, The Mammys, Thee Oh Sees and so many to count.

Their shows are always energetic, loud and so much fun. They will not give you a moment to blink, such a brutal blues jet runs through your ears and their music makes you sweaty from pleasures.

キングブラザーズは西宮出身の「ハイエナジージェットブルース」バンド。メンバーはケイゾウ (Vo./Gt.)、マーヤ(Gt./ Scream)、ゾニー(Dr.)の3人。1998年結成、オリジナルメンバーはみな西宮出身で、現在でも西宮を拠点としている。彼らの永遠のヒーロー、ギターウルフに見出され、ロックンロールシーンでの活動が始まったキングブラザーズは、1999年にアメリカのレコードレーベルBulb Recordsよりアルバムをリリース。それをひっさげ若干20歳でアメリカツアーを敢行。以降日本でも精力的にライブやツアーを行い、Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, White Stripes, Wilko Johnson, Andre Williams, Oblivians, The Mammys, Thee Oh Sees 等数々のロックンローラーと共演する。



King Brothers Official Website (Japanese)


So here is the tour date, more details will be announced soon


King Brothers UK tour 2015


Fri. 6th November 

London – Hackney Wick Warehouse show

43 White Post Lane
43 White Post Lane, London

Time: 21:00 – 00:30

With Thee MVPs, Abjects, Fruit Tones 

RSVP on Facebook 

Sat. 7th November

Birmingham – Invite Only Private show

Sun. 8th November 

Preston The Ferret 

Tuff Life Boogie show

Open: 20:00

with The Hipshakes and John Lee Hartley 

RSVP on Facebook 

Tickets available here 

Mon. 9th November

LeedsBrudenell Social Club 

Open: 19:30

with: Bones Shake

RSVP on Facebook 

Ticket available here

Tue. 10th November

London – The Lock Tavern

Bad Vibration show

 Wed. 11th November

BirminghamThe Sunflower Lounge

Killer Wave Show with Black Mekon and The Mighty Young

RSVP on Facebook

Thus. 12th November

YorkThe Fulford Arms

Please Please You Show

with The Franceens and The Jackhammers

RSVP on Facebook 

Ticket available here

Fri. 13th November 

SheffieldThe Picture House Social 

with Slowcoaches and Saif Mode 

RSVP on Facebook 

Sat. 14th November

Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 

Stay Sick! Show

Open: 23:00 (subject to change)

With Jon and The Vons 

RSVP on Facebook 

We are still looking for shows in the UK, if you are interested in booking their show or you know anyone might be interested, please get in touch!! ライブ情報まだまだお待ちしております。プロモーター/ブッキングベニューをご存知の方はぜひ以下のアドレスまでご連絡ください!

Contact e-mail:

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