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KINOCO HOTEL Taiwan/Macau Tour in 2017

Remember we did KINOCO HOTEL UK TOUR in 2015? Well, now we are really excited to announce…..their Taiwan and Macau TOUR in this April!!!



KINOCO HOTEL is a very mysterious hotel-themed Japanese girls rock group formed by the singer/ songwriter/ organist Marianne Shinonome in 2007. Marianne is the hostess of the band (hotel) and Isabelle Keme-Kamogawa (Gt.), Fabienne Inawashiro (Dr.) and Julietta Kirishima (Bass.) are members of hotel staff.

In contrast of their pretty look with eye-catching matching uniform and iconic mushroom haircut, their performance is known as very shocking and electrifying.

Their 5th album “Revolution of Marianne” was released in 2016 and the album was released in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Germany as well in the following year. The extremely talented outrageous outfits are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017 and some big events are coming on their way.




So this mini Asia tour is part of the 10th Anniversary. Do not miss their special appearance and performance in Taiwan and Macau!!




15th April (Sat.)

Taiwan – Taipei

Urban Nomad Film Festival 

Opening Freakout Music Festival

from 13:00

Facebook Page

Kinoco Hotel will be on 21:00 at Main Stage

Bang The Noise Fumie will be spinning vinyl at 17:30 at Temple Stage


18th April (Tue.)

Taiwan – Taipei

Urban Nomad Encore Show at The Wall

from 20:00

and special guests
Tickets: $700 advance / $900 door
$500 with ticket/wristband from Urban Nomad Opening Freakout



30th April (Sun.)

Free Entry
Details to be announced soon

Strange Love, from album Revolution of Marianne
Trailer of their DVD Geba Geba Revolution
For the latest updates please check our Facebook page and Kinoco Hotel tour Facebook page 

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