Coming Up Events/Tours:
2018 December  –  Adrena Adrena (UK) Japan tour

Past Tours/Events
May –    Magnetix (France) Bang The Noise Tokyo show
April –   Walkings (JP) Taiwan Tour
March – Föllakzoid (Chile) Japan Tour

December  – Bang The Noise Taiwan DJ Tour
November  – Black Mekon(UK) Japan Tour w/King Brothers
September – Event: Amy’s Levitating Friends
July – Event: Amy’s Audacious Friend with Ausmuteants (AUS)
April/May  – Kinoco Hotel (JP) Taiwan/Macau Tour
March  –        Jerry Paper (USA) Japan Tour
January   –    Event: Amy’s Fuzz Our Friends with Avenue Z (France)


September – Tadzio (JP) Australia Tour
July  –  Event: Amy’s Unpredictable Boyfriends with KISEKI
(Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen)/Shokuhin Matsuri a.k.a Foodman)
January  – Event: Amy’s Spacy Boyfriends with Odd Kan
(Monchan (Bo Ningen)/Grimm Grimm/Noriko Okaku/Daisy Dickinson)


December  – Mope City/Day Ravies (AUS) Japan Tour
November –  Acid Baby Jesus (Greece) Japan Tour with Slovenly Records
November –  King Brothers (JP) UK Tour
May –             Kinoco Hotel (JP) UK Tour
February   –   Thigh Master (AUS) Japan Tour

November  – Black Mekon (UK)/ Lucern Raze (Sweden) Japan Tour



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